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This report analyses the role of smaller and specialist universities in their local, national and international economies. I researched and wrote the five case studies, covering 11 UK higher education institutions.

This research uses historic data to predict the future impact of the twelve members of Yorkshire Universities: the universities of Bradford, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Leeds Beckett, Leeds Trinity, Leeds Arts, Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam, York, and York St John, as well as the Leeds Conservatoire.


This paper provides an overview of key issues shaping the contribution of universities to the promotion of place, and to attracting inward investment and increased trade into Yorkshire and the Humber, and in particular West Yorkshire.


This report, Unlocking Entrepreneurship In Education, provides a snapshot of enterprise activity in UK higher education institutions at the time the COVID-19 pandemic struck. It reveals the data on how this activity has changed over the past eight years, and presents a summary of a landscape which is now undergoing unprecedented change.

Policy briefing on research and innovation clusters published by the Royal Society. I provided support for the analysis, and wrote the case studies for Israel, Pittsburgh, and Uppsala.