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I’ve been blogging for about five years, mostly about my work and projects. Some links in older posts may be broken – I’m in the process of gradually fixing these.


More people needed

·2 mins
Today’s Economist has an article on the University of Oxford’s property development plans - in particular, building new housing.


On mayors

·1 min
A new batch of elected mayors are arriving in England next year.

Engines and Powerhouses evidence published

·2 mins
In what now seems like the distant past, before the Brexit vote and the change of government, the House of Commons launched an inquiry looking at the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine and government policy towards regional growth.

Sim University

·5 mins
Introducing the latest instalment in the award-winning Sim franchise: manage your own university!

Four reasons to look at universities and urbanism in Ghana

·3 mins
Ghana faces a set of challenges similar to many emerging nations… # Ghana is an ‘African Lion’: a fast-growing economy, falling levels of vulnerable employment and rising productive employment led to Ghana becoming a lower-middle income country in 2007.

Rebalancing: a case study of South Korea

·4 mins
Discussions over ‘rebalancing’ the economy outside of London by strengthening other regions - explored in part one and part two of this miniseries - are not unique to the UK.